4 Reminders to Rekindle Your Passion for Music Ministry


Serving since 1986 in music ministry, I realize now more than ever how quickly the days, months and years fly by; and, how important it is to stop and evaluate myself along the way.  As I reflected on this, I came up with four helpful reminders for we who serve in music ministry.




     The people are both the WHY and the WHO in ministry.  We serve them by investing time and energy in their lives.  We call, email, text, write and visit them. We meet for coffee or lunch to share their burdens, affirm their faith and encourage them in their journey.  We love them! When it comes time to serve in your ministry, the people in which we have invested will gladly and eagerly serve the Lord alongside us.

     As Proverbs 27:17 shows us, the more you invest in people, the more they’ll invest in you. If you want to have a long and fulfilling career in music ministry, make it a priority to connect with those around you; be someone they can lean on when they’re struggling rather than someone who only asks for participation in your various programming.




     Imbalance is the downfall of many who FORMERLY served in music ministry. The inability to properly manage time and tasks often leads to this imbalance.  Be careful not to confuse motion (activity) with progress, because they are not the same.  A healthy life successfully balances work, play, family, rest, etc. We must not fool ourselves into believing we can be all things to all people.  Remember, ministry demands will always exceed our capacity. We must control our calendar or it will be controlled by someone else. Let’s manage our lives and keep our balance.




     One of the more challenging aspects of ministry is fully and continually communicating with others as we bring them along in service.  More often than not, we run too far ahead, not allowing enough time for communication collaboration and consensus. Yet, building consensus is crucial to long-lasting and sustained ministry.  We must take our time, selling our ideas, dreams and visions deliberately and repeatedly.




     Let us live out our ministry not as a sprint, but rather as a marathon.  Pacing our ministry means planning well, aiming for worthwhile goals, at the same time incorporating rest stops along the way.  As we run the race we carefully choose the battles worth fighting. I’ve found over 30+ years, there are very few mountains worth dying on.  Lord, help us pick our spots carefully as we run the marathon.

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