The Easy Advent Worship Guide


ADVENT means arrival and is the season when Christians all over the world celebrate the arrival of God’s

Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.  This year’s Advent season will be celebrated as follows:

First Sunday of Advent            December 1

Second Sunday of Advent       December 8

Third Sunday of Advent           December 15

Fourth Sunday of Advent        December 22

Christmas Eve                         December 24

As you plan worship for your congregation for this beautiful season of corporate worship, please consider the following helpful ideas:


THE USE OF POETRY AND NARRATIVE – Enhance worship this Advent Season but utilizing poetry and narrative resources.  There are many worship resources available which include Advent poetry, stories and other literary contributions.  Careful selection and implementation can enhance the natural beauty of worship during this special season. Here are some short readers theatre scripts to consider: 


ADVENT WREATH – The Advent Wreath has been used in Christian worship since the 16th century and serves as a teaching and remembering tool for worshipers.  There are several variations on “what to call the candles” on the wreath.  Here are some standard designations:



December 1          The Prophets' Candle (symbolizing hope)

December 8          Bethlehem Candle (symbolizing faith)

December 15        Shepherds' Candle (symbolizing joy)

December 22        Angel's Candle (symbolizing peace)

December 24        Christ Candle



December 1          Candle of Hope

December 8          Candle of Peace

December 15        Candle of Joy

December 22        Candle of Love

December 24        Christ Candle


December 1          Prophet Candle

December 8          Angel Candle

December 15        Shepherd Candle

December 22        Magi Candle

December 24        Christ Candle


Here is an affordable best-selling resource for Advent Wreath Scripts.  



COMMON SONG – Incorporating common musical elements for each Sunday of Advent helps provide continuity.  Repetition over these few worship services is helpful, especially since many worshipers may not attend each Advent service.  Here is an excellent and best-selling musical resource by Dan Mattix for a common song for Advent use


MULTI-SENSORY – Try incorporating multi-sensory elements during the Advent Season.  The Advent Season is naturally geared toward images, smells, and sounds.  Consider ways to implement these into corporate worship for wonderfully enhanced Advent experiences.


USE OF LECTIONARY SCRIPTURE – The Lectionary is a list of portions of the Bible appointed to be read at a church service.  These key passages were selected to give guidance to Christian worship planning throughout the year.  This year’s Advent Season begins YEAR C of the Lectionary Cycle (there are 3 lectionary years – A, B, C).  John & Audra Parker have combined these lectionary scriptures into downloadable reader’s theatre scripts here.  


MUSIC – Musical elements during the Advent Season are very important to the corporate worship experience.  There are so many wonderful musical resources for the Advent Season.  Consider this collection of Advent/Christmas chorals for choirs of all kinds. 



May you and your congregation have a wonder-filled and deeply worshipful Advent Season.


John Parker

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