Espirit De Choir!

 Five practical ways to inspire enthusiasm and build community in your choir

 Esprit de corps is French for “spirit of the body.”  Webster defines it this way: the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group.



 SOCIAL OUTINGS FOR SECTIONS:  Whether it’s bowling with the basses or sailing with the sopranos, try to find ways to bring choristers together socially.  Depending on the size of your choir, you may consider doing this one section at a time.  The more you get together, the stronger your choir community will grow! (Check out sites like Groupon to find deals on outings for your choir) 


CONTESTS AND DRAWINGS:  I know it sounds so simple, but most people really do enjoy silly little contests.  Make it fun, make it silly.  Pit section against section, or men against women.  You might try attendance contests or recruitment contests.  Engage in drawings and giveaways to break the monotony of rehearsals, while at the same time creating key moments for fun and laughter.  You’ll be surprised to see how competitive your singers can be! (Check out this list of fun team building competitions for some more tips) 


BANQUETS:  Hosting an annual choir banquet is can be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  Again, the more your singers are together, the better they know one another and the stronger they become as a worship-leading community.  One of the features of your banquet might be annual choir awards.  Make them silly, make them fun.  Your singers will love it! 


RETREATS:  Getting your singers away for a night or two can go miles toward building comradery in your choir.  Build in time for rehearsing, socializing, eating, sharing and praying.  Try scheduling your retreat at the beginning of fall rehearsals so singers can preview Christmas music and get a head start. (Check out Journeys with Joe for some more exotic guided retreats) 



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