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Keys to a Positive Attitude During Holiday Performance Prep Week


It’s that crazy time of year again – the mad dash toward the finish line of the big Christmas/Holiday performance.  Fine Arts Centers, Concert Halls, Houses of Worship and Community Centers all over town will be packed with parents, friends, family, neighbors, aunts, uncles, teachers, administrators . . . you get the picture.  The pressure is on, and every choir, band and orchestra leader can feel it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this final sprint - easy to lose your Christmas joy. As you finish tending to the final details and last musical notes of the semester, consider these five keys to keeping a positive attitude during holiday performance preparation:


When you feel yourself getting wound up during the next week or so, remember, this season will be over soon.  There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is soon coming a time when you can take a small break and relax.  May stopping to realize that fact give you courage and hope during these next few days.



Sure, they drive you crazy.  They’ll likely never tune that one chord in measure 53.  They probably won’t watch you in that key moment on stage.  Things will not go perfectly because someone will miss a cue, a note, an entrance, a cutoff, etc.  It’s inevitable. Your Christmas performance will not be perfect, because people are not perfect. And, because musical art occurs in time, not space.  Making the conscious choice to love your choir members despite their imperfections can be a great key toward enjoying these final days of holiday preparation.


These final rehearsals are naturally filled with tension, worry, stress and concern.  Planning tiny fun rehearsal breaks can be a great way to clear the air and let off a little steam.  Quick choir giveaways, funny viral videos and the like help keep the spirit light. Taking short well-timed breaks just might be the key to everyone enjoying the journey a little more.


No matter how things go during final preparation week, there are always beautiful musical moments to savor.  Be sure to take time to enjoy those tiny instances of artistic bliss. Help your singers understand when they occur so they can enjoy them also.  Living in the moment is so vital toward keeping all the madness of preparation in proper perspective. The beautiful moments don’t happen every day, so enjoy them while they last.


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