How To Get ‘RRRRREFRESHED’ This Summer


When school is in session, the pressure is on, and the schedule is non-stop! Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one day ends and the next one begins. Your days are super demanding and there is an endless line of people requiring your constant attention. The mad dash toward the spring concert is a giant whirlwind of endless details. a moment…it’s all over. Whew! Finally!! School is out. Now…what to do this summer? There are many ways to fill your time this summer, but consider these five R’s as a formula for maximizing your time:

1. REST 

You’ve been busy, and your mind and body need rest. Adjust your schedule for the summer to include plenty of free time for rebound and refuel. Take long walks. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

2. ROAM 

One of the best ways to refresh yourself this summer is to enjoy some travel. Take your eyes to enjoy some different scenery. Experience something new. Your trips don’t have to involve long travel and high expenses. There are likely plenty of out-trips you would enjoy within just a few hours of where you live. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing it can be to get away from familiar surroundings.

3. READ 

If you want to give yourself a break this summer, be sure to grab a few books you’ve been wanting to read. Mix up your reading selections; some for professional developmental and some for personal growth and some just for fun. Reading helps the brain unwind, while giving the body some much needed rest.


Take some time to evaluate last year. Be specific. Write down your thoughts. Go week by week, event by event. What worked well? What didn’t work so well? What improvements can be made for the coming year? It’s much easier to give honest self-evaluation when you’re removed from the “heat of battle.”


You likely have friends and family you haven’t connected with in a while. Summer is the perfect time to get together with them. Take a road trip with friends. Take a trip with the family.


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