Pine Needles and Candle Wax

 Pine Needles and Candle Wax

Well, Christmas is over.  The joyous sounds of the season still echo through performance and worship venues all over the world, but Christmas is indeed over.  That sobering thought hit me hard last Sunday morning as I swept up the last of the pine needles and candle wax from our stage.  Christmas is definitely over, but now what?

 I pray you had a warm and wonderful experience making music this Holiday Season with your ensembles, and are looking forward with great anticipation to a joyous and fruitful 2019.  As you embark on yet another trip around the sun, consider these ideas to make your 2019 ‘the year to remember.’


      I have made a 2019 resolution in to declutter my life and simplify.  I’m going through closets, my attic and garage to see what I can ‘live without.’  Something magical happens when we jettison things we probably weren’t using much anyway.  May your 2019 be filled with decluttering and simplifying.


 Partner Up for a Worthwhile Cause: 

      I am making 2019 a year to be sensitive to ways I can use my purchasing power to support causes for the greater good.  Organizations like the African Children’s Choir have been making a huge difference in the lives of young impoverished children from Uganda for decades.  Check them out here:  Make yours a 2019 with a cause!


 Stretch Your Dollars: 

      Markets go up and down, and there’s always a great deal of uncertainty in their performance.  It’s always a good idea to be frugal and try to stretch your dollars as far as you can.  I’m making my 2019 ‘A year of SAVINGS.’


 Savor the Moment: 

      Time does indeed fly.    I often get trapped in the “what’s next” routine. I want to savor the moments and cherish each day in 2019.  I want to make MORE music while enjoying EVERY note!

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