Virtual Choir Made Easy - Part II: Revenge of the Smoke Alarm

More than 11,000 people have now read our first article, “Virtual Choir Made Easy.” For that, we are truly grateful.  In case you missed it, you can read Part I by clicking here.  And, we know many of our readers tackled the task of creating their first virtual presentation in 2020.  Congratulations!  We’ve heard from many of you and applaud you for venturing into the deep, dark unknown.  I know it was scary for many of you, but YOU DID IT!  And, if you have a story about your adventure you’d like to share with us, we would love to hear from you at  Now, please enjoy our latest offering, “Virtual Choir Made Easy – Part II – Revenge of the Smoke Alarm.”


SMOKE ALARMS AND CHOO CHOO TRAINS: Our team curated thousands of video submissions into many, many virtual presentations for choirs, bands, orchestras, cabarets, etc. for performers all over the world.  Consequently, we have seen and heard many interesting things through video submissions.  We have to admit, we weren’t prepared for the high percentage of people who seem unfazed by the recurring ‘low battery’ smoke alarm beep in their homes.  We wonder – do you not hear the beep?  How does the beep not drive you mad?  Let’s all go buy some 9-volt batteries, borrow a ladder from our neighbor and get those smoke alarms taken care of.  #2021resolution. 


FROZEN FACES:  The best comparison for optimal recording of video submissions for virtual projects is this; Present yourself in your virtual presentation recording EXACTLY as you would in a LIVE concert.  Begin recording BEFORE the song begins, then hold your professional and engaging demeanor well past the song’s final note.  As virtual presentation preparers, we have no option but to “freeze your face in place” when you cut your presentation short.


THE BEST ONES:  Virtual presentations run the gambit of final quality.  Some look and sound simply stunning, others are beautifully moving, some are very nice, and a few may be lacking luster in some small way. Through our experience in virtual presentation creation during 2020, we’ve noticed some common denominators among the top tier presentations.  Based on that, here are a few tips for making your next virtual presentation the very best it can be: 


  1. EVERY performer must record from the same guide track. Submissions recorded from alternate sources simply have to be discarded because they cannot be aligned.  One guide track.  No exceptions.
  2. Click tracks REALLY help performers play and sing together better. A click track is simply a metronomical “click” added to the guide track.  Click tracks greatly help with rhythmic precision.  The “click” is then removed for the final presentation.  Need more explanation?  Email us at
  3. Mark your score and provide detailed instructions. The more details you share with your performers, the cleaner your virtual presentation will be.  Video instructions from directors seem to work very well.
  4. Teach your performers the meaning of the word LANDSCAPE. Portrait recordings must be trimmed to “sort of” fit into virtual presentation grids.  Take time to review what your performers are sending you.  If they record their video in portrait, ask them to please record again.  You’ll be glad you did.


MIND READERS:  We are convinced that the cleanest and best presented virtual presentations are preceded by detailed planning and a clear project vision.  “Building the airplane while it is already flying” does not often end well.  Take time to visualize your final presentation in great detail even before you begin the process.  Is there a specific way you’d like the video grid to look?  Do you want to feature a soloist or section of performers?  Do you want to add pictures or video footage?  The more detailed your vision, the better your final virtual presentation will be.


We thoroughly enjoyed serving you in 2020.  If we can answer your questions, or be of further assistance to you in any way, please feel free to call on us at   We are here to serve you.  Have a wonderful 2021!




John & Jay Parker


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