We're All Exhausted!

What To Do Now That The Big Presentation Is Over

I have so enjoyed seeing and hearing on social media all your choirs have done these past two weeks; what wonderful presentations and beautiful sounds for the holidays!  Congratulations on your great successes and triumphal performances and worship events.

But let’s face it, now we’re all exhausted.  Exhausted from long rehearsals, endless details, multiple challenges, loose ends, threatening weather, ill-fitting costumes, belligerent singers, nagging parents and so, so, so much more!  

It’s okay to feel exhausted.  Embrace it. It reminds us that we’re alive.  But even in the middle of all the exhaustion, let’s keep our focus on a few simple things.  Consider these gentle reminders:

SAY THANKS:  Even though we’re tired, it is so important to remember to thank everyone who helped pull off the ‘big show.’  Remember these: parents, accompanists, seamstresses, set-builders, parents, principals and administration, the facilities team, the folks who designed the program, technical crew, choreographers and so many others.  Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it is necessary, especially if you want those folks to come through in the clutch for you on the next big program.

REWARD YOUR CHOIR:  The choir did a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ this fall and it’s time to let them know what they mean to you.  Give them a reward for their hard work: a Christmas party, laser tag or bowling, a ‘free’ day in class, go to the movies, etc.  Letting your choir know how much you appreciate them encourages them and helps them understand their place in your heart and in their choral community.

REST, UNPLUG & REWARD YOURSELF:  You’ve worked hard and now you feel it.  Take time off. Take time to rest and do nothing.  Take a mini-vacation. Go see family and friends. Do something for you.  Unplugging from your recent focus is key when you consider directing a choir for the long-run.  Without a short ‘disconnect’ you will not complete the lifelong director marathon. Do something for you.  Go get a massage. Work on a hobby. Read a book. Binge watch that Netflix series your friend mentioned.

From all of us at eachoirmusic.com to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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