Why Virtual Choirs Are Perfect For The Holidays

Virtual Choir

Only 128 days left until Christmas, 115 to Hanukkah, and 130 to Kwanzaa. Normally this would be an exciting statement and we’d all be planning our repertoire, costumes, dress rehearsals, reserving space for performances, and a thousand other details that make a concert come together. But this is 2020…and the first half of the year has given us not only Covid-19, but a great deal of a lot of hindsight as well. 

The 2019-2020 concert year was rolling along with plans ramping up for Easter and spring concerts when without warning the world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly things were as serious as life and death, immediate quarantine with very little preparation for food and sheltering in place. In the midst of the panic, and at a time when we needed it most, choirs could not get together to make music. Fortunately, musicians need music as much as air to breathe, and we began looking for ways to share music once again. 

One of the most effective solutions for choral music during these times is the virtual choir. It’s one of the best ways that music goes on, and it MUST go on. The pandemic prevented many spring concerts, Holy Week and Easter, Passover, school graduations and many other important celebrations that are marked with music. This was a cause of great sadness for not only the singers, but the listeners as well. With such a short time until the fall and winter holidays, we should take one of the things we’ve learned in our 20/20 hindsight, and use virtual choirs to create programs to celebrate the holidays, the singers, the audience, and the legacy of all those who’ve presented traditional programs in the past.

In fact, virtual choirs may become the legacy and keepsake of the future, even when it is safe to sing together in one space again. The main benefit for the present circumstances is it keeps all the singers, accompanists, directors, audiences, etc., safer during the pandemic. Many studies have shown that singing together these days, even when wearing masks and practicing socially distancing, you may be at a higher risk for Covid-19. 

Virtual choirs are likely here to stay, even after choirs don’t have Covid-19 to worry about. Virtual choirs will allow the possibility of a near-perfect presentation. With multiple opportunities for singers and players to record their parts, the chance to eliminate mistakes may be here at last. You can finally be rid of the random cough, sneeze, or baby joining your song when you move to virtual choirs rather than live recordings of performances. 

The best reason for virtual choirs being perfect for this holiday, is that they are perfect for every holiday. Imagine the legacy your choir will create when everyone involved in the virtual choir is given a virtual choir legacy keepsake recording of the performance? It’s the perfect way to share your choir now and forever. Begin your legacy this holiday season by creating a virtual presentation.

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