Heather Schopf

      At a young age, Heather began piano lessons under her mother's instruction. Over the years, her developing skill and love of music led her to attend Bible college, earning her Music and Bible degrees in 2003.

      For many years, Heather gained experience through teaching private piano and voice lessons, finding it to be both a musical and ministry outlet. She has regularly ministered in music through the local church, and currently continues that ministry at Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

      Over the past 10 years, Heather has developed what she has found to be her true passion - composing/arranging. It is her joy to take what God is teaching her through His Word and present working in her life and shape them into songs! The Forever Be Sure music ministry (www.ForeverBeSure.com) was born out this passion and continues to provide the church of God with content-rich, artistic music today!