Jesse Bullard

Jesse Bullard’s love for music was instilled at a very early age by godly grandparents. His grandfather was the music director at the small country church which they attended in Prosper, NC. Undoubtedly, seeing his grandfather serve the Lord with music greatly impacted Jesse. In addition, his mother continued to encourage him to explore his gifts by allowing him the opportunity to take accordion (yes, accordion) lessons at age 9 and piano during his high school years. It was in high school that Jesse fell in love with choral music under the instruction of his teacher and friend Mr. Jerry Mattheiss. This passion continued to grow during his college years where he was able to hone his musical skills as well as participate in various fine arts programs. Upon his graduation from Bob Jones University in 1981, he had the special privilege to return to his high school and become the new choral director. Jesse started using his gifts for more than just leading and began to compose music to fit the needs of his choirs as well as arrange for various other purposes at school and church. He has continued to work with choirs since that time in various churches throughout NC, IA, and SC. He is currently the upper elementary choir director at Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. It was, however, the consistent encouragement of his wife, Rhonda, that led him to become a published composer. Without her confidence (and many prayers), these musical treasures would have remained undiscovered (thank you my love). Other than his love for music and his precious wife, the Lord blessed Jesse with four wonderful girls (Cassidy, Abby, Emily, and Imelda). They each possess unique gifts that will be fully realized as they grow and yield themselves to the service of the King.