Choirs With Community Impact



It is impossible to overstate the value of music has and the difference it makes in the life of practically every person on the planet.  Historical records (both written and oral) of every kind in every culture underscore this.  Can you imagine life in a community where music doesn’t exist?  What kind of world would that be? 
Music must live on, and choir directors are the torch-bearers of the great cultural and community joy that comes from performing and experiencing it.  Here are a few reminders to us all how we can direct choirs with community impact.



 Offer a seasonal “concert in the park” in your community.  Outdoor and indoor shopping malls and open market areas are great venues to take your music to the street.  And it’s also great publicity for your choir. Target times of heavy foot traffic such as holidays.



Your singers will experience great joy and satisfaction sharing music in places where music is greatly needed.  This is often the case in retirement communities and long-term care facilities.  The therapeutic value of musical experiences to the advanced-aged is invaluable.  The beautiful sounds of your choir echoing through the hallways will reverberate for weeks.  A kind face with a message of hope and joy is so greatly needed.



Taking your choir on tour is a great way to build spirit de corps as you share your joyous musical expressions with other communities.  Whether a simple day trip, or an extended time on the road, there’s no substitute to strengthening the bonds between your singers than taking a road trip.  Be an encouragement to one another  as you spread the joy of music with the world and build a legacy of choral excellence.


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